Renzo D'Agnillo
Settlers, Exiles and Nomads

Edizioni Tracce, Pescara 2001

 saggio (in inglese)

pp. 224, lire 25.000



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Nevertheless, in spite of their apparently bemusing diversity in terms of surface representation, on a deep level Chatwin's works paradigmatically reiterate the basic thematic concerns that constituted what he called his "searches"; namely, the nature of man's restlessness, the conflict between settler and nomad, and the question of exile and marginality. Such concerns, besides being recurrent obsessions of Chatwin's own life, are intrinsically bound with his
conception and presentation of his characters which can be seen to fall into the three anthropological paradigms of SETTLER, EXILE and NOMAD. The fact that these categories may often overlap in more than one character is a reflection of the complexity and imaginative dynamism of Chatwin's vision, though it in no way undermines the possibility of a coherent discussion of his works. The following study is an attempt to trace Chatwin's representation and dramatisation of these
three figures in his main works.


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